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sheep and one second 『sheep and one second』
Brand New Cassette Tape
Galaxy Train / 2015
singin’ up to the star 『singin’ up to the star』
2nd Album
Clover Records / 2001
skip and make it flower 『skip and make it flower』
1st Album
Clover Records / 1999
sunbeam with tone note 『sunbeam with tone note』
1st 7inch Vinyl
Galaxy Train / 1998
something good today? 『something good today?』
2nd Cassette Tape
Clover Records / 1997
sweet consists red go-cart! 『sweets consists of red go-cart!』
1st Cassette Tape
Clover Records / 1996

red go-cart*live in galaxy train at Koenji Grain

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Red Go-Cart started as a project to record demo songs in 1996.
After a while we formed a band to play shows.
The speedy jungly styled sound caught the ears of the indie pop fans.
Many fanzines of Japan such as BeikokuOngaku and Cookie Scene and from other countries wrote about us.

In 2016, Galaxy Train released our 4 song cassette tape entitled ”Sunflower Sang About Cosmos”.

Spring in 2017 , A Canadian label ”Fallen Love Records” is releasing a compilation tape 『Secret Gardens 』which includes our song ”nineteen seconds ( spring night ver.)” .
We recorded this song especially for this compilation tape.
”Fallen Love Records”

Early spring in 2018, Galaxy Train released our new 7inch vinyl entitled ”sprite gave”.Out now!!

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